We are a company that has been engaged in educating employees in social care since 1993. Throughout the years, the content of our offer has changed in line with the abilities of the environment and our professional growth, yet our vision remains the same. We wish to provide people working in social care institutions with education and training so as to make their work easier and more successful and user-oriented.

Our work is development-oriented, which is achieved by following national developments as well as developments in Western European countries. We prefer to learn from “people on the field”, who provide us not only with a theoretical concept but also a display of how a matter works, its advantages but also its shortcomings. Visiting institutions abroad, we are continually introduced to novelties and even more so individuals, whose knowledge, energy and work fill us with awe. These are people who we invite to Slovenia to present their work in the wish that they enthuse you at least as much as they did us.

For a long time, the bulk of our work were various seminars, which we organised for residential homes for the elderly, special social care institutions, social work centres, occupational activity centres and social care institutions for training. In today’s times, this is a too expensive and not enough target-oriented type of education. We are therefore transforming both form and content. We offer individual institutions programmes that will contribute to achieving their recognised development objectives.

In addition to the E-Qalin quality management system, which is intended for all the mentioned categories of institutions, we focus mostly on residential homes for the elderly and on special social care institutions. We wish for these institutions to become actual homes, where users would feel at ease and at home and would above all be able to go on with their lives without having to unnecessarily adapt to the institution. We do not wish to forget about the employees by putting the residents first. On the contrary; we believe that only an appreciated, heard and considered employee is able to and motivated enough to establish the appropriate relationship with the resident.

It may sound simple but it is much more complex than that. The path from an institution-oriented culture in the residential home for the elderly to a culture in which the user defines life is a long path. Our wish is to help these homes walk down this path.

Our participants often told us how difficult it was to implement changes, as an individual coming from an educational seminar full of zeal and new ideas often runs against a wall, as his colleagues are not familiar with the new approaches and do not understand them and thus also do not support them. This is why we wish to implement the majority of training programmes in institutions, as changes will be much easier if a critical mass of employees is engaged.

In practical terms this means that:

  • we visit you in your institution,
  • we learn about your needs, problems and the desired direction of development,
  • we define the institution’s development objectives for the next few years together,
  • we offer corresponding training programmes that are implemented predominantly in your institution.

Our programme provides the legally prescribed School for directors of social care institutions and educational programmes for occupational instructors and housekeepers or social hosts, which are the basis for obtaining the vocational qualification. We also provide programmes for management positions in social institutions, which contribute to in-depth deliberations on and the search for development perspectives or programmes that qualify participants for implementing a concrete work development concept.

Senior projekt d.o.o.

SENIORPROJEKT d.o.o. is a subsidiary that was set up in 2003. The main activity of the company is the development of modern concepts of elderly care and counselling and services in architectural and construction design for new constructions and refurbishments of social care institutions, especially residential homes for the elderly.

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